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Kingman Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli Sterling Stud Earrings

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Deep blue Kingman Turquoise paired with Lapis Lazuli make for unique and colourful Sterling stud earrings. The Turquoise bead can be easily removed from the Lapis stud,providing two earrings in one.

The best Turquoise comes from Arizona and Mexico, however, Turquoise from China and Africa is starting to be used more often in jewelry. The colour of Turquoise ranges from a solid powder blue, such as those from the Sleeping Beauty and Kingman, mines, through to the greens of the Royston and Green Mountain mines. As a blue stone, Turquoise is associated with calm and balance. It is also said to enhance wisdom, energy, serenity, creativity, wholeness, love, joy and the feminine.

We collect gemstones in a manner that is ethically and environmentally responsible. We occasionally purchase gemstones from fellow lapidarists who practice in a similar manner.
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