Priday Plume Agate Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Priday Plume Agate Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Priday Plume Agate Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Priday Plume Agate Pendant Necklace

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 This rare semi-precious Priday Plume Agate was cut to highlight the plume patterns of the stone. The top of the triangle is transparent so I cut out the back of the pendant to let the light through. The contemporary design is Sterling Silver with a 20" Sterling silver chain. The pendant is 2.25" long from the top of the bail and 2.5" inches at the widest point.


When there is a lot of volcanic or hot springs activity, various types of oxides form patterns that look like feathers - called plumes, and vegetation - called dendrites. Most of the plume agates I use, such as Priday Plume Agate or Graveyard Plume Agate, are from Oregon, USA. I purchase them in a slab form from ethical hand miners and then cut them myself in shapes that feature the plumes and colours.

We process stones and metal using natural solutions and avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible. We follow environmental guidelines when disposing processed solutions.
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