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Wear Your Pendants With Any Chain or Beaded Necklace Easily with Enhancers - TerrAdore Art Jewelry

Wear Your Pendants With Any Chain or Beaded Necklace Easily with Enhancers

Have you ever wanted to wear a certain pendant but the chain it is attached to is the wrong length or style? Do you have lovely beaded necklaces that would look fabulous with a pendant? We have all had that experience but most of us give up on the idea because the pendant is not easily removed from its chain or you have no idea how to attach a pendant to a pearl or beaded necklace temporarily. There is an easy solution that can expand your combinations of pendant to chain or necklace easily and whenever you want in seconds. You need an “enhancer”.

 An enhancer is a bail (the part of the pendant where the chain goes through) that has a hinge and can be opened and closed quickly and easily, allowing you to change the chain or necklace as you need to. Some enhancers are attached to the pendant, just like the bail on your pendant, which allows you to change the chain or necklace for that particular pendant. Others are open so you can change the pendant or the chain/necklace. If you have an enhancer on your pendant, you don’t have to purchase each pendant with a chain, thereby restricting you to the particular style and length of the chain. Using an enhancer allows you to attach your pendant to a chain that is the right length and thickness for what you are wearing.

Did you know that pearls are hot right now? Chain lengths are all over the place, from chokers to long chains with a variety of charms or pendants. An enhancer will allow you to attach a pendant to a pearl necklace or any beaded necklace. You just clip the enhancer with the pendant to the centre of the necklace. This little addition to your jewellery box will give you so many more choices to wear your pendants according to your outfits or fashion trends. Women who are serious about rocking their accessories will soon love these little-known devices. They truly deserve their name. I don’t understand why they aren’t crazy popular.

 Enhancers come in a variety of styles, sizes and mechanisms (see photos below). Some rely on the weight of the pendant, and others have clasps or magnets for extra security. Where can you get one of these wonders? You likely won’t find them at the mall or franchise jewellery store because they want you to buy more jewellery and an enhancer saves money. Enhancers seem to be only available to jewellery makers through their suppliers yet I see very few jewellery makers offering them to customers. I will list several standard enhancers on my website and will have some on hand at the studio and at shows. They are more expensive than the traditional permanent bail, but I think you will find they are worth it and pay for themselves quickly. I believe in offering choice, variety and opportunities to save money.

 Here are a few examples of different styles of enhancers that can be purchased directly or are available to order. Prices range from $20 to $40 for Sterling Silver enhancers, depending on how elaborate the design. Gold enhancers are only available to order and start at $80 plus. Prices are as of March, 2022 and are subject to change due to the volatility of silver and gold prices at this time.

Just a few examples of enhancers available to order. (approximately 4 week delivery time):

If you are interested in learning more about enhancers or would like to see other possible styles, please send me a message (

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