Teal on Steroids Shattuckite Earrings - #shop_terradore#
Silver Shattuckite Earrings, TearsheetPDX magazine - #shop_terradore#
Teal on Steroids Shattuckite Earrings - #shop_terradore#

Teal on Steroids Shattuckite Earrings

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These earrings were featured in the February 2021 issue of the international art fashion magazine Tearsheet PDX.

Unusually large and exceptional quality Shattuckite "fancy" hand-cut cabochons stop traffic. Mottled greens, teals, and blues are why this uncommon stone is so desirable and valuable. The Sterling Silver design replicates the fancy cut of the stones.

"Fancy cut" is the term used for cabochons in shapes that aren't the typical ovals and rounds which are much easier to cut and set. Shattuckite can be difficult to cut so it is unusual to see fancy cut Shattuckites and particularly ones of this size. 

Shattuckite is associated with the power of truth and relationships. It is considered to be a powerful spiritual guiding stone and assists with access to psychic information and truth.

We use local gemstones and materials when available.
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