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My name is Kenna McCall,  Lapidarist, Metalsmith and owner of TerrAdore Art Jewelry Studio in Merrickville, outside Ottawa, Canada. 

 I design art jewelry with gemstones that I cut myself. I am part of the "slow fashion" movement where the focus is on small-scale, community-based designers/makers.

My brand is called TerrAdore (love the earth) Art Jewelry. My goal is to create art jewelry that reflects the strength, confidence and originality of the person wearing it. Each design is one-of-a-kind and is meant to highlight the unique features of the gemstone.

I specialize in local, Canadian and rare gemstones of exceptional value and quality. I dig/collect them myself or ethically source "rough" slabs from small-time miners I know and trust to be respectful of the land, locals and the environment. I take extra care to use only "safe" metals that do not contain toxic materials or cause reactions. For this reason, I do not use materials from China. I make ear-wires in Sterling Silver, gold-filled or Niobium only, to reduce the chances of irritation. 

I use hand-tools and traditional techniques to fabricate a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces. When gemstones are included, the design focuses on highlighting the unique features of each particular gemstone. I also make necklace chains and bracelets with Viking Knit, an ancient metal weaving skill developed by the Vikings to make armour, jewelry, etc.

I work from my mini-studio in Merrickville Village in Eastern Ontario (about an hour South of Ottawa) . My studio is half gallery half workshop so visitors may come to browse the gems and jewelry, take a workshop, watch a demonstration or just have a chat.  

Recently my jewelry was featured in the February edition of the international art fashion magazine Tearsheet PDX. Some of the photos on the website are from that photo shoot


I also have gemstone jewelry for sale at Riverguild on Gore Street in Perth and The Rothwell Art Gallery in Ottawa. 


For more information you can read the blog posts or sign up to the email list on the home page.  Email subscribers have early access to new pieces before they are listed on the website, learn about upcoming events and blog posts and receive special discount coupon codes or


  •  Metalsmith Society.
  • Merrickville Artists Guild (VP 2021-2023)
  • Ottawa Arts Network and mentorship recipient from the Ontario Arts Council, 2020
  • Member of the Living Room, a group for ethical sourcing and responsible marketing among studio jewelry-makers.