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I work with gemstones and regular rocks

Do you have a stone that means something special to you and you would like to have it made into jewelry? I can clean it up or cut it for you. I also have a large collection of faceted (lots of sides that sparkle like a diamond) and cabochon (smooth top with flat bottom) gemstones to choose from.   Many of the cabochons come from rocks that I have dug/collected and cut myself over the years.

I can design jewelry in silver or copper. 

Do you have a special design in mind that you wish you had in a piece of jewelry? Have you seen a picture in a magazine of jewelry that you adore? Then bring it to me and lets see if we can come up with something original just for you.

If you want jewelry designed in gold, platinum or palladium I can refer you to a very good local designer who works with these metals.


I do not do repairs unless it's to jewelry I have made myself. I may be able to redesign or rework a damaged piece but I do not repair, which takes special skills and equipment.

How long does it take?

If you would like custom work done, please be prepared for it to take a month or more, depending on the amount of work required, whether materials need to be ordered and time of year (Christmas for example).  We will sign an agreement outlining the deposit, final payment and timelines (see sample below). 

I'd love to discuss your custom order, click here to contact me.

Sample Custom Order Agreement

I have requested that Kenna McCall of TerrAdore Art Jewellery undertake some custom jewellery work for me, ____________________________(customer name printed).

The work is to create ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(this is to be completed in detail by Kenna).

The total cost is estimated as $_______, 50% ($_____) to be paid at the time of order and 50% ($_____) to be paid on completion. The estimated date of completion is within 6 weeks from ordering, which would be  _____________(date).

I agree that:

  1. If I change my mind and no longer wish to purchase this work at the time of completion, the 50% deposit will not be returned.
  2. Kenna will inform me if there are any circumstances that arise unexpectedly which will affect the estimated cost or completion date of the work. Sometimes there can be delays due to the availability of materials or other issues beyond her control.
  3. I understand that hand-crafted jewellery may not look as “clean” as manufactured jewellery that is made by machines There may be tiny markings that will not affect the overall quality of the jewellery. (Like a painting where you can see the brushstrokes as opposed to a print that is smooth because it is copied by a machine).

Signed,                                                                                              Date

________________________________________            _______________________________