AAA Quality Deep Wine Red Madagascan Garnet Studs - #shop_terradore#
AAA Gorgeous Garnet studs by TerrAdore - #shop_terradore#

AAA Quality Deep Wine Red Madagascan Garnet Studs

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You won't believe the deep wine red colour and the way these Garnets flash when they catch the light. Even though they are petite in size, they make a big impact.

AAA quality faceted 8x6mm Madagascan Garnet Sterling silver studs. Excellent value such  high quality stones.

This is what rough Garnet looks like. The crystals are not pointed or rounded, they are roundish with faceted sides all around. If they are transparent and "gem quality" they are cut, usually faceted, so that the light reflects the stunning colour. You should be able to see your reflection in a good quality Garnet. Garnets come in many different colours although the burgundy red colour is the most common. The colour should be deep and have few inclusions. Wholesale Lot Garnet Rough Chunk Stone Healing Mineral Pointed image 1


All except our smaller gemstones are hand-cut and polished in our Merrickville studio.
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