Treasure in a Pocket Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Chrysoprase in a Pocket Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Treasure in a Pocket Pendant

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Available for sale at the Rothwell Gallery in Ottawa.

Unique to say the least. An intense green Chrysoprase handcut gemstone emerges from a Sterling Silver pocket made from a repurposed vintage Sterling Silver earring.

Chrysoprase is a brilliant green stone that rivals the Emerald. Chrysoprase is not common and is quite valuable so I always know a customer knows their gemstones when they go straight for the Chrysoprase. This particular cabochon is an odd shape because I cut it in order to keep as much of the gem quality stone as possible. Fortunately it was the perfect stone to fit into this pocket pendant.

 Chrysoprase is one of the May birthstones. The use of Chrysoprase as a talisman of good luck goes back to Alexander the Great.  It was also used throughout history as a healing stone. Metaphysically people believe it releases emotion, heal a broken heart and contribute to clarity of thought. 


We use local gemstones and materials when available.
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