Carved Fluorite Leafy Silver Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Carved Fluorite Leafy Silver Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Carved Fluorite Leafy Silver Pendant

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This lovely light green translucent Fluorite oval cabochon is carved in a floral-like pattern. Decorative leaves in Sterling Silver are part of the pendant setting.  The back of the setting is cut out to allow light through the translucent Fluorite which intensifies the colour and carving. Approximately 2" in length. Comes with an 18> Sterling Silver chain.

Fluorite comes in many colours, is often transparent and can be fluorescent. Banded Fluorite has bands of different colours, particularly purple and green which are the most common colours. Some Fluorite can also change colour depending on wherher the light source is incandescent or fluorescent. 

For those interested in metaphysical attributes, Fluorite is considered to be spiritually detoxifying which encourages positive energy and mental clarity.

Life has been tough lately so take extra care of yourself by treating yourself to the Carved Fluorite Leafy Silver Pendant
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