Garden Captured in Ice Drop - Quartz & Sterling Silver Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Garden Ice Drop Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Garden Ice Drop Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Garden Ice Drop Pendant

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The high-dome teardrop crystal-clear Lodolite Quartz with minerals gives the aquatic impression of moss hanging from the surface of a pocket of melting ice. The back of the hammered Sterling silver setting is open to allow the light to accentuate the clarity of the Quartz crystal. Long dagger-like prongs look like a fence attempting to hold the ice from melting and losing its shape. Like a watery terrarium, the brown minerals seem to float at the top of this glassy garden world.

These types of Quartz are sometimes referred to as Garden Quartz because the clarity of the crystal makes the minerals look like vegetation floating in water. They are also commonly referred to as Landscape or Aquarium Quartz for obvious reasons.. Similar effect as the fernlike shapes of dendrites in some of the other Winter Collection pieces.  A great piece to stare into to facilitate contemplation or meditation.

Note: The clarity of the Quartz crystal made it almost impossible to capture the true likeness of the stone in a photograph. The stone is completely clear like glass, particularly at the point of the drop. 

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