Kaleidoscope Prism Stone Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Kaleidoscope Prism Stone Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Blue Galaxy Pendant

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This beauty is aptly called a Kaleidoscope Prism Stone. Rarely seen in jewellery. Often mistaken for Agate, it is actually Fluorite (purple) with a mixture of others such as Azurite (blue), Malachite (green), Chrysocolla (teal), Cuprite (reddish brown) and white Calcite. The pattern of swirling colours resembles a galaxy. Set in a simple Modernist Sterling Silver setting to keep the focus on this spectacular gemstone. Includes an 18" silver chain.

Approximately 1" x .75".

We use local gemstones and materials when available.
Inventory Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023