Pretty Petrified Pendant - #shop_terradore#
Pretty Petrified Pendant - #shop_terradore#

Pretty Petrified Pendant

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Available for sale at the Rothwell Gallery in Ottawa.

This piece is named for the gemstone which is Petrified Indonesian Blue Agate. It is a rare stone and only found in one area where an old growth forest was buried when a volcano erupted millenia ago. The trees petrified below the surface and created these amazingly colourful gemstones. I am very lucky to know a rock hound gem cutter who has access to this material. The additional stones are Carnelian (orange), Turquoise and Hematite (at the top). 

We process stones and metal using natural solutions and avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible. We follow environmental guidelines when disposing processed solutions.
Inventory Last Updated: Feb 05, 2023