Silver Branch Necklaces - #shop_terradore#
Silver Branch Necklaces - #shop_terradore#
Silver Branch Necklaces - #shop_terradore#

Silver Branch Necklaces

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The gnarly branch in this necklace was carved in wax and then cast in Sterling silver. The casting process involves making a wax mold of the jewellery, making a plaster-type cast around the mold, heating the plaster until the wax melts and leaves a "space" in the shape of the jewellery, and then filling the space with molten silver. This process is time consuming and requires special equipment and expertise. 

Each necklace in this limited edition collection is unique because of the gemstone pendant attached. At the moment, only the Kunzite Crystal,  set in Sterling Silver, is available. 

Kunzite is in the Beryl family of gemstones, along with Emeralds, Aquamarine, and Morganite. It is pink with a hint of lavender and is considered a "young" gemstones because it is only recently seen in jewelry. 

The Silver Branch Necklaces could become your "go to" jewelry piece.
Inventory Last Updated: Feb 05, 2023