Viking Knit Bracelet - #shop_terradore#
Viking Knit Bracelet - #shop_terradore#
Viking Knit Bracelet - #shop_terradore#

Viking Knit Bracelet

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Sterling Silver-filled Viking Knit bracelets without beads. Made with Sterling silver-filled wire. The quality clasps are magnetic and not only beautiful, but strong enough to withstand pulling. Choice of a Swarovski-type sparkly round vlasp or decorative flat clasp. Fancy decorated end caps add to the luxurious look of these bracelets. Light weight and comfortable.

Viking Knit is an ancient technique of metal weaving used by the Vikings to create armour and adornment. The technique hasn't changed but I have updated the look with gemstones, end caps and clasp. 


We process stones and metal using natural solutions and avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible. We follow environmental guidelines when disposing processed solutions.
Inventory Last Updated: Nov 29, 2022