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Avoid Cheap Jewelry - Particularly for Children - They often contain Toxic Metals

The metal in jewelry is not regulated in North America the way it is in the European Union. So there isn't any oversight to protect us from sellers who misrepresent 925 (Sterling Silver) and other metals and may include toxic metals. 925, or Sterling Silver, means that 92.5% of the metal is pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper. Most cheap imported jewelry, which includes jewelry targeted to children, including those stamped 925 (fraudulently because it is not 925 and may in fact not contain any silver at all) contains unknown metals. When tested, alarming metals are detected and in amounts that are dangerous. Cadmium is the most harmful toxic metal and is strictly controlled in Europe. Cadmium may...

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That jewelry made my skin turn black! Reactions, Allergies and Skin Discolouration

  Sometimes jewelry can leave greenish or black marks on the skin, particularly copper or costume jewelry. Even though some people have metal allergies or sensitivities, most discolouration is caused by a reaction between the skin and alloys (added metals), especially when the jewelry touches areas that perspire. Here are some common metals that can stain your skin, why it happens, and how to prevent staining in the future. Copper Copper oxidizes (tarnishes) very quickly and the tarnish can be transferred to your skin. The jewelry piece you're wearing might not be pure copper, but it could have enough copper in it to cause a reaction. Some people seem to have a body chemistry that's prone to staining even when a...

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Protect your Health and your Karma from Toxic Metals

When you consider dangerous substances that can harm you and your family, I bet you don’t think of jewellery. I will get to those dangers in a minute but first I want to take you to the dark side of the industry. The global jewellery industry can be very nasty, up there with fossil fuels and rug making. Some overseas mining companies and jewellery manufacturers use restricted toxic metals and chemicals that are dangerous to our health and pollute the land and water of those living nearby. Some bribe local officials, violate labour and human rights standards (mostly affecting women and children), and are overall irresponsible corporate citizens. In order to protect ourselves, our children, people who are vulnerable to...

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