Many organic materials such as wood, shells, and bones turn into stone over time and pressure. When wood turns into translucent hard stone that looks like an Agate slice it is called “agatized”. When bones harden or imprint on stone it is called “fossilized”. But when organic material hardens and becomes perlescent or flash with colour like in opals it is called “opalized”. Opalized wood is the most rare and valuable of the petrified woods and Indonesian Opalized Wood is one of the most prized. It is so difficult to acquire that I can only buy it in cabochon form and I only know one dealer who sources it ethically. Since it is in such short supply I cannot buy it directly, I have to compete with other buyers at auction. So if lucky, I may obtain one or two stones a year to make into jewelry. The green and white stone seen in the pendant shown above is one such stone.