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Cleaning and Maintaining your Jewelry.

Cleaning Here are a few ways to maintain your metal jewelry so that your skin and the jewelry always looks beautiful: Clean jewelry</strong> regularly as the environment, skin oils and finger-prints can damage the finish of any jewelry. Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners for silver, particularly the dipping kind or the ones you can purchase from the hardware or grocery store, as they can permanently ruin the metal and gemstones. Wiping with a soft cloth (a clean, well-worn cotton rag) after each wearing is ideal, or, if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, gently clean the piece with blue Dawn dish soap or other gentle dishwashing detergent and a soft toothbrush. If the silver is very tarnished you may have...


Wear Your Pendants With Any Chain or Beaded Necklace Easily with Enhancers

Have you ever wanted to wear a certain pendant but the chain it is attached to is the wrong length or style? Do you have lovely beaded necklaces that would look fabulous with a pendant? We have all had that experience but most of us give up on the idea because the pendant is not easily removed from its chain or you have no idea how to attach a pendant to a pearl or beaded necklace temporarily. There is an easy solution that can expand your combinations of pendant to chain or necklace easily and whenever you want in seconds. You need an “enhancer”.  An enhancer is a bail (the part of the pendant where the chain goes through) that...