My name is Kenna McCall,  Lapidarist, Metalsmith and owner of TerrAdore Art Jewelry Studio in Merrickville, outside Ottawa, Canada. 
I design and create art jewelry with unusual gemstones that I cut myself.  My art jewelry is one-of-a-kind that has been designed and hand-crafted in my studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques. 



My goal is to help you feel confident and empowered with jewelry that conveys a message of individuality and strength.  My art jewelry draws the attention and curiosity of others which makes you stand out from the crowd. Women will often tell me:  "I am not one for wearing jewelry but I love yours and I get so many compliments". 

Each piece has its own story about the stone and the design. The gemstone has an identity and a history: what type of stone it is, where it originated, how it was mined and what valuable properties it holds. Similarly, the design has been chosen specifically to enhance the features of the stone and embellish the gemstone story. 



I specialize in local, Canadian and rare gemstones of exceptional value and quality. I mine or ethically source "rough" slabs or chunks of rock  which I then cut, grind and polish into gemstone cabochons. If I purchase rough rock, it has not come from a mine, it comes from individuals I know personally who mine their claims by hand. My lapidary work process is safe and environmentally responsible.


As with my gemstones, I am very careful where I purchase my metals. I only purchase silver material from Canada or the United States and chains from Italy or Israel as these are the best quality sources. I do not purchase from other countries, particularly China, as I cannot guarantee the quality, grade and safety of the silver. Jewelry from Asia often contains toxic metals such as lead and cadmium which can be absorbed by the skin. Jewelry content is not regulated or supervised in North America the way it is in the EU so it is buyer beware here.

I emphasize skin safety with my stones and metals. I only make Sterling Silver, gold-filled or Niobium earwires to reduce the chances of irritation.  Niobium is a newer metal that is completely hypoallergenic. I use it for earwires for copper earrings because the colour matches better than silver. Copper jewelry has been either permanently sealed or temporarily sealed with wax to avoid irritation or skin discolouration. 


My design style has been influenced by my Viking and Celtic cultural heritage and mid-Century Modernist and Brutalist design, specifically from Scandinavia and Canada.  I use hand-tools and traditional techniques to fabricate a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces. When gemstones are included, the design focuses on highlighting the unique features of each particular gemstone. I also make necklace chains and bracelets with Viking Knit, an ancient metal weaving skill developed by the Vikings to make armour, jewelry, etc.

On occasion I collaborate with local artists on special projects and custom work.


Under normal circumstances the public is welcome to my studio for demonstrations, browsing or purchasing jewelry and arranging for custom orders. I have regular hours and take appointments. My copper jewelry is available at Vinyl Destination in Merrickville and Olde Magick in Prescott. I attend most art shows in the Eastern Ontario and National Capital regions and participate in the Merrickville Studio Tour. Otherwise, most jewelry is found on the website or I welcome inquiries.


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  • Member of the International Gem Society.
  • Member of the Metalsmith Society.
  • Vice President of the Merrickville Artists Guild
  • Member of the North Grenville Arts Guild
  • Member of the Ottawa Arts Network and mentorship recipient from the Ontario Arts Council, 2020
  • Member of Canadian and Ottawa
  • Former member of the Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club
  • Former member of the Vancouver Island Metalsmith Association