What makes TerrAdore different from other jewelry?


Our goal is to provide access to outstanding gemstones in unusual designs not normally found in retail stores. Our lapidary artist and metalsmith creates rustic gemstone jewelry inspired by Celtic and Viking cultures and 1970’s Canadian Brutalist/Modernist design. TerrAdore Jewelry studio is located in the historic artsy village of Merrickville in Eastern Ontario, Canada, however, without a retail outlet, TerrAdore sells from this website and in local art sales and galleries.
When we know that a gem is becoming more difficult to obtain on the market, we try to acquire as much of it from old stock as possible before the stone is completely depleted and the value increases. We use the highest quality gems available, and then cut, grind and polish most of them here in our studio for TerrAdore jewelry or for other local jewellers to use in their own custom settings. We use copper, brass and silver to create unique settings for each stone. Sometimes the stone informs the design whereas other times the design comes first and then detsermines what stone and metal will work best and how they should be cut and treated. Consequently, no two pieces of jewelry are the same and for that reason are often referred to as “statement” pieces. We strive for good unique design, high quality and affordability.
Specializing in local and rare gemstones. we mine/collect local stones such as Amazonite, Sodalite, Agate, various Quartz’s and Perthite; a pink Feldspar found only in the Perth, Ontario area. We purchase other local and North American rock slabs from local rockhounds. We obtain rare and more exotic rock material, based on colour and pattern, from known ethical sources at gem shows and lapidary clubs. So we know where our stones come from and feel confident that no one has suffered in the process of removing these gems from the earth. Similarly, only safe metals are used, purchased from reputable companies and made in North America or Europe where standards are regulated. We ensure our products are hypo-allergenic for most people by using only Sterling Silver or Niobium for earwires and sealing any copper or brass that touches the skin.