If you have a special request I may be able to help you out. These are the things I can do for you:

If you want a particular stone or you have a stone that you need cleaning up or cutting, I can usually help you with that unless the stone is faceted (lots of different sides, like a diamond.) I cut cabochons that have smooth tops and flat bottoms but I can make modifications, just not faceting which is a specialty.

I can design jewelry with or for you in silver and maybe copper or brass. I do not design in gold, platinum or palladium. I can, however, refer you to a very good local jewelry designer who works in these metals.

I do not do repairs unless it is to jewelry I have made myself. I may be able to redesign or rework a damaged piece but I do not repair, which takes special skills and equipment.

If you would like custom work done, please be prepared for it to take a month or more, depending on the amount of work required, whether materials need to be ordered and time of year (Christmas for example).